ALIEN Daytona UV+Collagen LED

Alien Daytona UV+COLLAGEN LED brings the most amazing Facial tanner technology at its peak.

The 6 high pressure lamps, in a unique in the world ergonomic Configuration, will Focus UV to obtain a stunning result in just 8 minutes. This brings also high efficiency, that means low consumption for a great result, and an immediate saving on your electric bills.

You will also enjoy the best Red Light Therapy effect, thanks to Smart Hybrid LED Technology, integrated in this facial unit.

So you will enjoy the most intense and beautiful tan you will ever had, on a soft and regulable chair that is perfect for a quick relax.

Experience the excellence of the new generation of Facial tanners, with ALIEN in Daytona UV+COLLAGEN LED preparation.

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Technical specifications
Pure. Professional. Performance.

ALIEN UV+Collagen LED (Daytona preparation)

UV + Collagen Hybrid LED Facial tanner with Chair

116x132x185h cm

Tubes Power
6 high Pressure lamps 650 w + 40 high power LED Collagen 1 watt

Total Power
5200 watt (5.2 Kw)

220/380 Volts

singlePhases or three phases

Typical Session
8 Minutes

Onboard computer or remote control

280 kg

Three poles 32 Ampr or Five Poles Plug (5 poles) RST + N + G 32 amp

Shipped on 1 pallet, carton boxes 140x140x160h 300 kg. Assembling in 2h and 30 minutes.