Oxygendec Oxygen therapy

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 65x35x101.5 cm
Net Weight: 44 Kg
Fuses: 2 x 4 AT
Maximum consumption: 550 Watt

Oxygendec – Professional Oxygen Therapy For Aesthetics
Oxygendec – aesthetic oxygen therapy – promotes an improvement in the vitality of the treated tissues; it moisturises, smoothes and firms the skin; it redraws the facial contouring; it produces an immediate lifting effect and favours a draining and decongesting effect..

OXYGENDEC – aesthetic oxygen therapy – is a highly innovative technology that, through the flow of air enriched with concentrated oxygen delivered to the affected areas, is proposed as an effective aid in the treatment of anti-aging and skin ageing imperfections.

With advancing age, oxygen is diminished especially in the cells of the facial skin, which appears wrinkled and pale.

The use of pure oxygen, through a flow system, gives the skin new vitality. Oxygendec, or aesthetic oxygen therapy, consists of a generator that transforms the surrounding air into 90%-95% pure oxygen.

Among the various applicators with which it is equipped, there is the special aerograph handpiece for oxygen therapy, which delivers oxygen directly to the skin.

The skin is toned and revitalised thanks to the delivery of important nourishing and moisturising active ingredients. From the very first treatment, positive results can be observed with visible improvement in skin tone, elasticity and radiance.

Moreover, thanks to the natural healing power of oxygen, it is indicated for the treatment of scarring caused by acne.


Vacuum handpiece/applicator: for preparing the treated area.
Dispensing handpiece/sprayer: to convey a flow of air enriched with 95% concentrated oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin, in synergy with serums containing active ingredients.
Insufflation handpiece/applicator: to oxygenate the skin more quickly in depth, using the pulsed mode.
Mask for aromatherapy: for a detoxifying and revitalising effect.