Decolaser Diode Laser 808

Wavelength: 808 nm
Diode cooling: water
Skin cooling system: yes
Application: Photo epilation
Spot size: 11 x 22 mm = 2,42 cm²
Maximum Fluence: 40 J/ cm²
Pulse duration: 30 – 300 ms
Repetition Frequency: 1-12 Hz
Diode duration efficiency: 10.000.000 spot
Power supply: 230 V 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 64 x 35 x 98 cm
Net weight: 42,5 kg
Fuse: 2 fuses type 10 AT
Maximum consumption: 2200 Watt
User interface: TABLET

Professional diode laser 808nm for Aesthetics

Decolaser – diode laser 808 nm – is the innovative and high-tech device for a perfect, effective and safe hair removal.

Decolaser is a defocused diode laser 808 nm for aesthetics treatments of progressively permanent photo-epilation. Thanks to its high performing cooling system, Decolaser allows to deliver spot sequences from 1 to 12 Hz, thus reducing the time duration of treatment by reaching lasting results in few sessions.

Additional features

Its intuitive, simple and personalized “App” is connected by Bluetooth (BTS) to the software of the equipment. This system allows to manage the device commands remotely, by facilitating operators in setting the parameters through both visual support and revolutionary narrator assistances.

By considering the easily removable user interface as the tablet is, the software assistance and post-sale support are immediate and very fast both in remote modality and in the practical replacement of the tablet.

The handlepiece of Decolaser diode laser 808 nm is lightweight and ergonomic in order to support operators during consecutive treatments performing.

The 808nm laser handlepiece is supplied with the film lock ring, designed expressively and exclusively for Decolaser equipment, to guarantee the maximum level of hygiene and practical use.

The water-cooling system of the device is very effective thanks to the installation of an internal refrigeration unit which allows to perform more comfortable treatments and to preserve a diode long life.

The skin cooling system is integrated into the Decolaser handle: the metal tip is cooled by the internal “Peltier’s cells” which constantly provides the skin cooling by ensuring the maximum comfort to clients during photo-epilation treatment.