Decolight M Intense Pulsed Light

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 65x35x98 cm
Net weight: 40 Kg
Device cooling: water cooling
Maximum Fluence: 26 J/cm²
Spot size: 46 x 13 mm = 5,98 cm²
Fuse: 2 fuses type 6,3 AT
Maximum power consumption: 1150 Watt
Pulse repetition rate: 1 Hz (one spot per second)

Decolight M – professional intense pulsed light for aesthetic medicine clinics

Decolight M – intense pulsed light – is a professional and versatile device which allows to perform several treatments such as photo-rejuvenation, photo-epilation, vascular and acne treatments by using the principle of the selective photo thermolysis.

Decolight M is an electronic intense pulsed light device with therapeutic purposes for the treatment of hirsutism, couperose, telangiectasias, dyschromias, acne scars.

Decolight M is specially designed to perform effective and safe treatments. By exploiting the selective photo thermolysis principle, the device allows to concentrate the light beam towards a specific target (melanin, water, oxyhemoglobin) without damaging the surrounding tissues.

The Burst Method, integrated in the device software, allows to deliver a series of mini pulses interspersed with mini pauses, in order to selectively shot the chromophores with TRT different from the epidermis’ one, by leaving the surrounding tissue intact.

The innovative water-cooling system amplifies the effectiveness of the treatments and the efficiency of the device. A special cooling system of the lamp allows higher effectiveness of the treatments and shorter duration of the sessions. Moreover, a longer duration of the lamp lifetime is guaranteed (up to 50.000 spots) by making more rarely necessary the lamp replacement.

Decolight M Intense pulsed light is equipped with a special skin cooling system, integrated inside the handlepiece, which increases its effectiveness and patient comfort.


Interchangeable wavelengths which allow to select the specific wavelength per each single treatment:
625 nm wavelength for photo-epilation

570 nm wavelength for photo-rejuvenation

550 nm wavelength for vascular, lentigo, telangiectasias and rosacea

400 nm wavelength for acne

  • Automatic skin photo-type identification which supports the operator in assessing the melanin amount present in the epidermis and consequently in selecting the amount of light energy to be delivered onto the skin for a safe and effective treatment.
  • Advanced software which is able to suggest to the operator the most suitable and safe parameters for each type of skin to be treated.
  • Application protocols suggested by the software that can be modified according to specific needs.
  • The Tablet user interface with a personalized and intuitive “app” to access the various functions of the device and to set the parameters even remotely.
  • Software Upgrade to the last device version.