Decosun HG6P

Power supply: 380v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 113x1125x145 cm
Net weight: 190 Kg
Number of lamps: 6
Lamp type: 650 W (adjustable power)
Number of lamps hands: 10
Power: 5000 W
Parabola type: star hemispherical
FM Hi-Fi radio: standard
Minimum cabin size: 190 x 125 cm
Current type: three-phase (pentapolar plug)
Hot air volume produced: 2,500 m3/h

Decosun HG6P – Professional High Pressure Hexafacial Solarium

Decosun HG6P is a high-pressure exafacial solarium for an even and natural-looking tan.

It is a unique and exclusive hexafacial solarium equipped with six lamps oriented at different angles and capable of tanning in 8 minutes or more. The lamp power can be adjusted electronically on 4 levels directly from the control board.

The appliance is also equipped with a tanning unit to supplement facial tanning and a shiatsu massage.

Thanks to the Tan-Test system, which makes it possible to adjust the power and duration of exposure according to the phototype, the Decosun HG6P tans without being aggressive on the skin. The flow of light and UV rays is intense and homogeneous in order to obtain a pigmentation of superior quality compared to any other appliance. In addition, the Uvisol filters guarantee maximum tanning yield in total safety and in compliance with current regulations.

The solarium is specially designed to optimise consumption and allow considerable energy saving.