Low speed centrifuge TDL-6A

◆ Full metal lid, stable running, low noise, highspeed precision.
◆ Intelligent microcomputer control, brushlessmotor drive
◆ The display of rotor no, the RPM and RCF canswitch each other, calculating the RCF valueautomatically
◆ 10 period of ascending and descendingspeed gear is optional
◆Imbalance protection, door cover self-locking,overspeed protection, no speed signalprotection, motor hall fault protection, powersupply voltage is too high, too low protection, over-current protection
◆ The automatic fault diagnosis recognition,can be programmed and operated, automaticstorage data
◆Equipped with emergency lock device, easy tooperate

Model TDL-6A
MAX RPM 6000 RPM, stepless speed adjustment
Max RCF 5800xg
Timer 0-99min
Max  Rotor capacity 500mlx4 swing rotor
Voltage 110V 60Hz /220V 50Hz
Dimension(mm) 480×600×360  (L×W×H) mm
G.W/N.W  60/45kg
Description Rotor NO. Rotor capacity Max RPM/RCF
Optical Angle Rotor 1 A061012 10mlx12 6000rpm
Optical Angle Rotor 2 A0610004 100mlx4 6000rpm
Optical Swing Rotor 3 S0510004 100mlx4 5000rpm
Optical Swing Rotor 4 S045008 50mlx8 4000rpm
S041524 15mlx24
S041532 15mlx32
Optical Swing Rotor 5 S041048 10mlx48 4000rpm
S047207 5ml/7mlx72
S049607 5ml/7mlx96
S0414807 5ml/7mlx148
Optical Swing Rotor 6 S0425004 250mlx4 4000rpm
S0450004 500mlx4
Optical Swing Rotor 7 S040296 96 microplate x2 4000rpm