Starry Sky

Power Supply: 230V ac, 2A, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 150x5x75 cm
Net weight: 15 Kg
No. of LEDS: 675 (225 rgb)

Professional Chromotherapy for Beauty Centres and Spas

The Decomedical Chromotherapy lamp is a unique object, with an extremely evocative design inspired by nature.

The Decomedical chromotherapy lamp is based on the “phyllotaxis” model: the study of the radial arrangement of the successive parts of a growing plant, such as the leaves on a stalk, or the seed in the head of a sunflower. The outward expansion of the light spots grows at an exponential rate.

It consists of a fibre-optic system with illuminator and colour wheel, and the materials used make it possible to obtain a myriad of light points in an extremely thin layer. The endings vary continuously in colour and intensity, creating an incredibly dreamlike and evocative atmosphere.

The Decomedical Starry Sky is a source of well-being for those who come into contact with the energy of colours.

It is the colour of meditation. It is a cold colour, at the edge of the visible spectrum. It improves optimism and aids concentration, helping to raise energy levels and stimulating creativity.

Encourages introspection, producing an effect of calm and harmony. It causes greater activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. It is recommended for anxiety, insomnia and irritability.

Recommended for people suffering from stress and nervousness. It stimulates the parasympathetic system, decreasing blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rhythm.

The colour of serenity and nature. Good for hyperactive people, it gives stability, strength, constancy and physical balance.


Stimulates attention and learning by acting on the left hemisphere of the brain. Improves gastric functions and invigorates the lymphatic system.

It is the colour of instinct and pleasure of the senses. It favours circulation and eases muscular tension. It also gives optimism and vital strength.

Acts on the sympathetic nervous system, and on the adrenal glands, with an increase in arterial pressure. Useful in cases of depression.