Decolight Intense Pulsed Light

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 65x35x98 cm
Net weight: 42,5 Kg
Device cooling: water cooling
Maximum Fluence: 26 J/cm²
Spot size: 46 x 13 mm = 5,98 cm²
Fuse: 2 fuses type 6,3 AT
Maximum power consumption: 1150 Watt
Pulse repetition rate: 1 Hz (one spot per second)

Decolight – Professional Intense Pulsed Light For Aesthetics
Decolight is a device which uses the Intense Pulsed Light technology for progressively permanent photo epilation treatments.

Decolight Intense Pulsed Light, thanks to its cutting-edge technology, allows to perform smooth and efficacious photo-epilation treatments thanks to the principle of the selective photo thermolysis.

The spectrum of photonic waves, calibrated according to hair color, type and skin photo type, is selectively delivered and absorbed by the natural melanin contained in the hair. The hair, during its specific Anagen growth phase, leads the luminous energy up to the hair bulb.

In this context, the generated heat provokes the coagulation of the bulb and inhibits its regular functioning. The emission of the “Burst mode” (or “train of mini pulses”) allows to cumulate enough heat at the target level and to prevent the overheating of surrounding tissues, especially during the treatment of the darkest skin photo-types.


The handle of Decolight Intense pulsed light is extremely practical and functional: it is equipped with an integrated cooling system for the skin as well as with a sensor that allows the automatic skin photo-type detection.

The Intense pulsed light lamp is cooled with a very efficient water system for a better work reliability.

The user interface is the Tablet which allows to manage the commands of the equipment even remotely, by facilitating the operator in selecting treatment parameters with both visual and revolutionary narrator assistances.

Immediate and fast software support with remotely assistance or, if necessary, with the replacement of the tablet.