Vacuum System

Power supply voltage: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 25x24x7 cm
Net weight: 3 Kg
Fuses: 2 x 1 AT
Maximum consumption: 30 Watt

Vacuum System – Professional Face System

The suction, by means of glass cannulae for facial treatments, allows: general skin cleansing (cannula with small hole) used after comedones premituration; intense micromassage and stimulation of fine wrinkles (cannula with flat hole); reoxygenation of asphyxial and relaxed skin and intense tissue stimulation (cannula with large hole).

A large cup with a diameter of 48 mm and a small cup with a diameter of 34 mm are used for draining and at the same time hyperaemic body massages.

The nebulisation, by means of the nebulising bottle, allows the homogeneous diffusion of lotions, tonics or rosewater.