Decolaser M 808nm Diode Laser

Wavelength: 808 nm
Diode cooling : water
Skin cooling system: yes
Applications: Photo epilation
Spot size: 11 x 22 mm = 2,42 cm²
Maximum Fluence: 40 J/ cm²
Pulse duration: 30 – 300 ms
Repetition Frequency: 1-12 Hz
Diode duration efficiency: 10.000.000 spot
Power supply: 230 V 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 64 x 35 x 98 cm
Net weight: 42,5 kg
Fuse: 2 fuses type 10 AT
Maximum consumption: 2200 Watt
User interface: TABLET

DECOLASER m 808nm diode laser is an innovative and high-tech device for a fast, effective and safe photo epilation.

Decolaser M – pulsed diode laser – designed, manufactured and opportunely defocused to be used in Aesthetic medicine field – emits a laser light at 808nm wavelength, exclusively for photo-epilation treatments. By exploiting the selective photo thermolysis principle, this source light results to be the most efficacious photo epilation treatment. The basis of this great success is focused on the fact that by using a light source at 808nm, the hair bulbs absorb a 3 – 4 times higher quantity of energy than other sources of light with different wavelengths; the wavelength of emission at 808nm, easily recognized by the chromophore of the melanin, is then absorbed by the hair follicle and transformed into heat by generating the denaturation of the follicle itself. The hair treated with the diode laser will fall out within 4/5 days from the treatment. When the hair will not grow anymore (since shot in the Anagen phase) due to the hair bulb necrosis, the permanent progressive photo epilation has been performed.

Decolaser M intended use: Hypertrichosis, Hirsutism, Folliculitis and ingrown hair.


Decolaser M is a revolutionary and of latest generation system with its tablet and the intuitive, easy and personalized “app” in Bluetooth connection to the software of the equipment. The tablet even allows the remote control of the device, by facilitating the operator in setting parameters through both visual and revolutionary narrator assistances.

Advanced Water-Cooling System of the device.

Skin cooling system integrated in the Decolaser handlepiece: its cooled metal tip allows to cool the skin for long time by giving maximum comfort to the patient during the treatment.

Lightweight and ergonomic handlepiece in order to support operators during consecutive treatments, especially during treatments performed on larger body areas.

Maximum selectivity of the process and personalization of treatments.
Two levels of treatment procedure
Men and Women programs