TRON UV+COLLAGEN LED represent the New Generation of HYBRID devices.Thanks to its Dual Technology, it can stimulate Vitamin D production in Tanning Mode, and Collagen increase speeding up the FibroBlasts in Fotobiomodulation PDT Mode with redlight at 633 nm. LED redlight are FULL BODY, to provide a real premium experience.

TRON UV+COLLAGEN LED is the Sunbed that can give you a perfect tan and Younger skin, thanks to his special photorejuvenation technology that use light at 633 nm with High Power LEDs, the most efficient and powerful lighting technology.

Best of all LightRoom will customize your Solarium Collagen sunbed, with any color you want. The advanced LED system, will enlight the ridges, full of your color.

Breezer, is our latest technology in water refreshment in a sunbed. Its advanced vaporizer, sprays microdrop of water, that evaporate when in contact with skin. This will let you have a real fresh, but not wet session.

TRON UV+COLLAGEN brings Hybrid Device on the next Level, for the Most Complete Bed for Salon Ever created

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Technical specifications
Pure. Professional. Performance.


Type: UV + Collagen Hybrid LED sunbed Unit

Size: 228x135x169h cm

Tubes Power: 15 Tubes 230 Watt High Power + 20 Tubes 160 Watt High Power + 4 High Pressure 650 Watt Lamps + 420 LEDs Red Light 1 Watt

Total Power: 10000 watt (10 Kw)

Voltage: 380 Volts

Phases: Three Phases

Typical Session: 10 Minutes

Control: Onboard computer or remote control

Weight: 500 kg

Cable: Five Poles Plug (5 poles) RST + N + G

Packaging: Shipped on 1 pallet, carton boxes 240x140x160h 540 kg. Assembling in 3h and 30 minutes.