CO2 Fractional Laser Machine K106+

Short description

Co2 Fractional Laser Machine k106+

Key106+ is a CO2 laser beauty instrument. CO2 laser is used to scan the dot matrix to output the laser,
each laser point is composed of one or more highenergy laser pulses. The action point of laser can reach the dermal layer,
as thin as hair, arranged in a square of the laser beam can penetrate to the dermis, instant gasification damaged skin tissue,
and stimulate collagen synthesis potent, which leads to a series of skin tissue repair, collagen rearrangement reaction,
so as to restore luster and elasticity, supple skin.

Mainly for the local and overall skin, repair skin photoaging, improve uneven skin, large pores, rough skin, skin relaxation, especially suitable for various kinds of scars and wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and tattoos, color spot, and the use of a variety of nevus, hemangioma of any part of the surface.

1, the machine uses the coherent Inc. (COHERENT), 2 good RF tube closed so the gas leakage possibility is very small
production of RF tube, not easy to damage 3, RF tube frequency can be very high up to 5000hz20000hz,
used to make fine surgery is very good, the general glass tube is less than the 1200Hz 4, RF life is very long,
almost do not need to change the free service, using 5 RF tube scanning from the relatively small, round,
can more effectively reach the dermis, stimulate collagen hyperplasia, skin to restore the optical stability faster 6,
RF tube is very good, the polarizing probability is very small, the stability of the whole machine 7,
beautiful appearance, advanced technology, will be the essential instrument instead of IPL 8,
this machine uses a 8.4 inch color touch screen and XP operating system,
equipped with a soft keyboard Can enter the patient’s medical record number, convenient for doctors to store parameters.
9, the use of scanning to improve, a variety of graphics for your choice, to adapt to various parts. 10, different density,
for different symptoms. Different energy, can penetrate the skin at different depths,
the formation damage in the micro column and the surrounding skin, no bleeding, no carbonization,
so do not form carbide point in the epidermis, so does not affect the normal work, no need to rest after operation.