The X-DELUXE vertical sunbed is the advanced version of the powerful X6 and X5.The X-DELUXE solar shower is the advanced version of the powerful X6 and X5.

With its new RGB LED system and redesign of the control panel, it achieves better ergonomics, an even more advanced appearance and a better impact on your customer.

The Deluxe version is equipped as standard with all the latest SMART technologies:
Breezer, for a fresh and relaxed session
Lightroom, for an ever-cutting-edge appearance
LED Ceiling

Thanks to the special regular hexagon configuration of the 6 columns, you will get a really homogeneous tan all over the body without leaving areas of shadow on the shoulders or in the middle of the back.

The only solar shower in the world with six columns of which two columns are equipped with SERIES of electric movement.Exclusive “PushPanic ®” patented anti-panic system.

The columns can be opened at any time, even in the absence of power, simply by pushing them.

Open configuration to meet the needs of those who suffer from claustrophobia.