High Frequency

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 25x24x7 cm
Net weight: 2 Kg
Fuses: 2 x 250 mAT
Maximum consumption: 10 Watt

High Frequency – Professional Face System
High Frequency is a device equipped with several glass electrodes containing rarefied gas.

High Frequency is a device that generates an alternating electricity at very high frequency and low voltage, suitable to counteract various skin imperfections.

The equipment is equipped with 5 different electrodes and an electrode holder handpiece. In “ON” mode, the inert gas contained in the electrodes lights up. Some electrodes light up with a blue/violet color (argon) for an anti-bacterial action, others light up with an orange color (neon) for a thermal action on the treated areas. On contact with air, the current passing through the electrodes is converted into ozone and transferred inside the subcutaneous tissue together with regenerating oxygen molecules.

The passage of the electrodes on the skin has different effects: sedative and decongestant for all the treatments that cause congestion to the skin (e.g. after any kind of epilation or after a facial cleansing); germicidal effect, to destroy the bacterium that causes acne; astringent effect for enlarged pores and to treat any particularly oily area of the epidermis; it also allows the exfoliation of the horny layer of the skin and a greater absorption of active ingredients contained in cosmetic products.


  • The electrode holder handpiece, made of highly insulating material, inhibits the transfer of electricity from the operator to the customer, making the device safe and easy to handle.
  • N.5 hardened glass electrodes that allow to carry out face and body treatments and are easily interchangeable.
  • High Frequency is available in two versions (standard and portable) that differ in consumption and accessories supplied.