Decofrequency Ultraplus Radiofrequency

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 65x35x103 cm
Net weight: 25 Kg
Body head applicator: monopolar
Facial head applicator: bipolar
Power consumption: 200 Watt
Frequency output: 1 Mhz
Fuses: 2 fuses type 4 AT
Electrical Output Characteristics:
Max. voltage: 550Vpp
Frequency: 1 Mhz
Max. power: 50 Watt

Decofrequency Ultraplus
Professional monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency for aesthetics

Decofrequency Ultraplus is a highly technological monopolar and bipolar capacitive radiofrequency which allows to generate two different types of electromagnetic wave.

Decofrequency Ultraplus is a capacitive radiofrequency which delivers two electromagnetic wave types: bipolar wave for facial treatments; monopolar wave for body treatment.

The principle of functioning is the same for both waves, but they hit the skin tissues at different levels of depth, by generating endogenous heat and producing different effects.

Bipolar radiofrequency head for facial treatments

The bipolar electromagnetic waves reach the superficial layers of the dermis and stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin fibres. Since the first session of the treatment, the radiofrequency effects are definitely visible: the skin appears tighter, the wrinkles are reduced, the aging skin signs disappear and the volume of the sebaceous glands decreases.

Monopolar radiofrequency head with return plate for monopolar body treatments.

The monopolar electromagnetic waves reach the deepest layers of the dermis. The endogenous heat allows to treat with effectiveness both cellulite skin imperfections by regenerating the tissues and the cutaneous laxity by reshaping the silhouette.


The Tablet with an intuitive and personalized “app” in Bluetooth connection to the device software (BTS). This system even allows to manage the device commands remotely, by facilitating operators in setting the device parameters through both visual and revolutionary narrator assistance.
Immediate and fast software assistance thanks to the remote modality or eventually through the practical replacement of the tablet.
Preset programs: n.65 preset programs radiofrequency bipolar facial/monopolar body areas to treat different typologies of skin imperfections.
Customizable programs