PRP Centrifuge LC-04M

◆Microcomputer control, LCD display speed, time, program number, centrifugal force,
10 groups of working procedures can be selected randomly
◆Brushless frequency conversion motor, maintenance-free, 10-speed digital display adjustable
◆Used for fat transplantation purification, fast separation, no sample damage,
Reduce operation process and improve efficiency
◆Suitable for 50ml, 20ml, 10ml conventional spiral syringes
◆The machine is mainly used in medical instruments in the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology
Model LC-04M
Max speed 5000RPM
Max RCF 4400xg
Timer 0-99min
Rotor capacity 50ml syringe x4 (standard)
20ml syringe x4 (optional) 10ml syringe x4 (optional)
Power supply 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz
Machine size (mm) 450x590x350mm
Packing size (mm) 550x670x460mm
G.W/N.W 48/36kg