Presso Dren Digit Presso massage

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 63,5×34,5×30,5 cm
Net weight: 11 kg machine body + 8 kg kit of boots
Maximum output power: 0.2 Bar
Fuses: 2 of 1 AT
Timer: 0-99 minutes
Maximum consumption: 100 Watt

Presso Dren Digit
Professional Pressomassage For Aesthetics

Presso Dren Digit is the innovative computerised sectorial peristaltic pressomassage equipment, which offers an advanced and exclusive working system to combat swelling, ankle oedema, leg heaviness and water retention and to treat cellulite.

Presso Dren Digit offers five pre-set programmes in accordance with the classic parameters of pressure massage, such as:

  • Programme no. 1 – Light drainage
  • Programme no. 2 – Medium drainage
  • Program no. 3 – Strong drainage
  • Programme 4 – Localised massage
  • Programme no. 5 – Lymphatic drainage massage
  • These programmes can be modified and customised to suit the particular needs of the operator. The compression chambers are superimposed, producing a regular and progressive flow of pressure and at the same time eliminating the interspaces that cause circulatory reflux and consequent harmful stagnation.

    Additional features

    The leggings (accessory supplied with the equipment) and arms* (*optional accessory on request), made of high-strength material, are built according to the latest techniques dictated by physiology: in just a few seconds they are easily connected to and/or separated from the body of the machine, by means of a single, convenient snap connection.

  • The tubes that connect the sectors (n.8) to the Presso Dren Digit press-massage are an integral part of the leggings and therefore not visible externally. This feature makes it possible to preserve the integrity of the hoses themselves for a long time, avoiding their frequent replacement due to holes, cuts, etc., as well as unwanted twisting.
  • The pneumatic system consists of a high-performance air compressor: while the equipment is working, it produces an imperceptible sound, making the pressomassage treatment even more relaxing and comfortable.