Decoshaper Endodermic Massage

Power Supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 29x24x35 cm
Net weight: 6 Kg
Maximum Suction Power: 800 mBar
Fuses: 2 of type 1 AT
Maximum consumption: 90 Watt
Working mode: continuous and pulsed (0,1Hz – 5 Hz)
Operating controls: through encoder knob

Decoshaper – Professional Endodermic Massage For Aesthetics
DECOSHAPER is an innovative and highly technological equipment to perform a professional endodermic massage.

DECOSHAPER is a device which offers and advanced and exclusive method to perform a deep and efficacious endodermic massage. It allows to perform three different actions in one treatment only: a lipolysis action, a firming action and a draining action.

Lipolysis action: a tissue detachment and hyperaemia of the treated area are caused through the suction vacuum pressure with consequent improvement of blood flow and cellular metabolism; at the same time, the mechanic action of the rolls causes a reduction of the adipose tissue thanks to the adipocytes emptying and the successive mobilization of cellulite fibrotic deposits.

Draining action: the intermittent vacuum pressure allows to give an important stimulation to the lymphatic system during the endodermic massage. Decoshaper stimulates blood vessels through small contractions in order to facilitate the lymphatic return, to discharge toxins and to remove interstitial liquids accumulation pushing them towards the lymph nodes.

Firming action: the endodermic massage stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new fibers, by improving consistency, compactness and elasticity of skin.


Lightweight and easy to transport equipment.

Ergonomic handle supplied with rolls installed at its internal part to perform a very special and efficacious endodermic massage.

Exclusive encoder/knob to select and to program the desired treatment to perform easily.

Preset and customizable programs for each single client and for all treatment needs.

Product code: DEC 30