Decotron Ultrasounds

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 29x24x35 cm
Net Weight: 5 Kg
Operation: continuous and pulsed
Output frequency: 1MHz 1.5 W cmq max / 3MHz 3W cmq max
Fuses: 2 of 1 AT
Maximum consumption: 50 Watt

Decotron: Professional Ultrasound For Aesthetics
Decotron M3 XP Ultrasound is a device that enables high-frequency ultrasound wave treatments to be carried out with two output frequencies at 3 MHz and 1 MHz.

The sound waves emitted by Decotron M3 XP ultrasounds at a frequency of 3 MHz penetrate the tissues: the mechanical action induced by the vibrations results in an extremely effective massage which, by producing heat, helps to improve microcirculation and cell oxygenation.

The sound waves emitted by DECOTRON M3 XP Ultrasounds at a frequency of 1 MHz penetrate deeper into the tissues where the vibrations produced generate friction between the cells with a consequent increase in temperature.

This heating of the tissues enhances the processes of oxidation and organic turnover, combating one of the main causes of the accumulation of adipose tissue and obtaining excellent results both in the treatment and prevention of cellulite blemishes.

Decotron M3 XP Ultrasound at 3 Mhz and 1 MHz is particularly indicated in all cases where it is necessary to improve blood circulation, with consequent improvement in muscle tone and skin elasticity, to break down liquids and metabolic waste products. Very effective in combating cellulite.


Single applicator handpiece for 2 output frequencies: 1MHz and 3 MHz
8 preset programmes
Customisable programmes
Customer database
Effective and painless treatments