PLATINUM UV + COLLAGEN LED LITE is the new Smart Solarium vertical model that integrates LED Hybrid UV + COLLAGEN technology.

It is the first tanning shower in the world able to offer an intense and lasting tan, WITHOUT the use of 380 volts THREE-PHASE CURRENT, but simply using 220 Volt, single-phase current, like that used at home.

The New Smart Solarium LED Hybrid technology allows you to tan in an innovative way, preventing skin aging thanks to the application of RED LIGHT LEDs Collagen stimulators.

With LED Hybrid UV + COLLAGEN it is possible to perform sessions COMBO UV + COLLAGEN, ONLY COLLAGEN or ONLY TAN.

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Type: UV + Collagen Hybrid LED vertical Solarium

Size: Compact 110×110 cm (165cm Open door)

Tubes Power: 24 Tubes 160 Watt High Efficiency + 240 LED Red Light 1 Watt

Total Power:4590 watt (4.5 Kw)

Voltage: 220 Volts

Phases: Single Phase

Typical Session: 14 Minutes

Control: Internal Computer Or External Remote

Weight: 360 kg

Cable/Connection: 32 Ampere industrial Plug

Packaging: Shipped in a cardboard box on a pallet, assembled in 45 minutes