Decosun LP

Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 234 cm
Net Weight: 394 Kg
Number of lamps: 48
Lamp type: 160 W
Lamp length: 176 cm
Frequency: 50 Hz
Open door depth: 165 cm
Adjustable ventilation: standard
Backlit platform: standard
Hot air volume produced: 9,600 m3/h
FM Hi-Fi radio: standard
Minimum host cabin size: 2000 mm x 1500 mm x 2500 mm
Total power: 8,200 W – 400 Volt 3 Phases +N+T
Absorption MAX. X PHASE: 15 Amp.
Power supply type: three-phase with neutral

Decosun LP – Professional Low Pressure Sun shower

A low-pressure solar shower that combines the high performance of the most advanced solariums with an understated, detail-oriented design

Equipped with n.48 lamps type 160 W, Decosun LP guarantees a superlative tan in maximum comfort thanks to its powerful extraction fan. Like all Decomedical machines, the Decosun LP sun shower, designed to offer the best in technology, guarantees maximum yield and at the same time energy saving, in full compliance with current regulations.