Decosun HG5

Power supply: 400v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 130x130x240 cm
Net Weight: 450 Kg
Number of lamps: 30
Lamp type: 600 W
Power: 19.000 W
Parabola type: star hemispherical
Fuses: 3 x 40 A
Minimum cabin size: 185 x 140 cm
Air volume produced by lamps: 3,400 m3/h
Air volume produced by climate: 9,600 m3/h

Decosun HG5 Solarium – Professional High Pressure Sun Shower

The Decosun HG5 is a high-pressure sun shower for an even and natural-looking tan.

Thanks to the power regulator that distinguishes four intensity levels, Decosun allows all phototypes to be tanned in a standard time, with a considerable advantage for the customer and a significant energy saving, also achieved by concentrating the light produced by the 5 columns on which n.30 lamps type 600 W, equipped with dichroic parabolas, are distributed.

The minimal overall dimensions and the safety system that allows the shower to be opened even in the event of a power failure by effortlessly pushing one of the columns, make Decosun a functional and safe appliance.