Multigenius Electrostimulation

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 63.5×34.5×30.5 cm
Net weight: 10 Kg
Fuses: 2 x 1 AT
Maximum consumption: 35 Watts
Output frequency: 1-2500 Hz
Output current at 1k ohm: 5 mA
Output waveform: sinusoidal / faradic / square

Multigenius: Professional Electrostimulator for Aesthetics
Multigenius is an extraordinarily innovative professional electro-stimulation device for draining, shaping and toning the muscles of the female and male body.

Electrostimulation with Multigenius promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, producing an aesthetic improvement comparable to that of an aerobic workout.

Thanks to its currents (faradic and Kotz waves) and its multiple programmes, Multigenius – impulse electrostimulation – makes it possible to combat the imperfections of cellulite, water retention and sagging tissues, giving new physical turgidity to those areas of the body most prone to hypotonicity and redesigning the ideal figure.

Multigenius – impulse electrostimulation – is easy to use thanks to a display as user interface, whose commands are managed by a single encoder knob and a functional graphic that, for each single treatment, allows to position the electrodes correctly on the muscle bands, ensuring an effective electrostimulation treatment.


  • 59 pre-set programmes to treat all types of imperfections using micro-current, generated by faradic current and Kotz current
  • Disposable clips electrodes for the face, self-adhesive and small in size, so as to stimulate several muscle groups and carry out a complete treatment on all the facial muscles.
  • Disposable body electrodes for better hygiene in cases where there are infections in the areas to be treated.
  • Two electrode application methods: disposable face and body clips or conductive rubber electrodes to be disinfected after each treatment.