Multistation 7 Combined System

Please refer to the technical specifications of each individual machine of which the above combined system is composed, namely:


Multistation 7 – Professional Combined System

The Multistation 7 system integrates the seven technologies of the Combymix 7 XP (DEC38), the Decovap steamer (DEC24/A) and the magnifying lamp (DEC34) into a single module on a trolley with storage compartment (JML15). The result is a mobile and compact cabin with numerous interchangeable accessories.

The 5 diopters magnifying lamp (DEC34), with LED lighting, is protected by a light breaking screen with flexible arm.

The Decovap steamer (DEC24/A), allows ozonated steam treatments and aromatherapy, with a 750ml water capacity. It is also available in silver color.

Combymix 7 XP (DEC38) incorporates seven technologies:

High Frequency is a technology equipped with an electrode handpiece and five glass electrodes, to prevent acne, for skin with enlarged pores, for impure and oily skin with a soothing, decongestant and germicidal effect.

Vacuum system allows a double working mode: in “suction/aspiration” mode it is possible to use the following accessories: three venteuses (small hole, large hole, flat hole) to extract sebum and impurities after blackheads squeezing, to smooth fine expression lines, to remove toxins; two body cups to stimulate oxygenation of the treated area, to improve nutritional exchanges between cells and to drain tissues. In “sprayer” mode it is possible to use the atomising bottle to dispense water-soluble cosmetic products in order to moisturise the skin.

Brush system or mechanical peeling with brushes, recommended for deep cleansing of the skin and before each application of cosmetic product, for a higher degree of absorption of active ingredients. It is equipped with: a brush holder handpiece; 3 brushes (small, medium and roller) in natural goat hair for exfoliating of more sensitive areas; a brush with pumice stone to treat areas with hard and thickened skin; a brush with sponge for cleansing of more sensitive areas; a large brush with hard bristles for body peeling.

Galvanic is a system that uses a direct current to carry out two different types of treatment: desincrustation, i.e. deep cleansing of the skin using the supplied electrode holder handpiece and the cylindrical electrode; micro-iontophoresis to convey the active ingredients contained in cosmetic products into the deep layers of the skin using the supplied pointed, roller and domed electrodes.

Stim Lift is a system that generates a continuous pulse current for muscular electrostimulation, recommended for anti-aging, toning and firming treatments for the face, neck and décolleté.

Depil System needle is the function that enables needle electro-epilation treatments to be carried out. It is equipped with a needle holder handpiece and 10 disposable needles. The thermolysis current delivery command is entered by means of a small button located on the handpiece itself.

Podo system is the function used to perform pedicure and manicure treatments. This method is suggested to remove dead skin layers, to reduce nail thickness, to remove cuticles and to shape nails by means of the six specific podiatric tools and the supplied handpiece.