Comby Combined System

Please refer to the technical specifications of each individual machine of which the above combined system is composed, namely:


Comby – Professional Combined System

The Comby brings together in one practical combination, articulated on the trolley with tray (JML09), four appliances dedicated to face/body skin care: High Frequency, Vacuum System, Brush System, Galvanic. The four devices are equipped with numerous interchangeable accessories. This versatility makes possible to carry out various treatments, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

The High Frequency equipment is equipped with 5 hardened glass electrodes (large mushroom, small mushroom, roller electrode, saturator, fulgurator). This technology is used to treat and prevent acne, tighten enlarged pores, reduce wrinkles and decongest the skin, for example after facial cleansing treatments or epilation with wax.

The Vacuum System device is equipped with 5 glass accessories and a spray bottle. It works in two modes: suction/suction mode and sprayer mode. In suction mode, the 2 venteuses (respectively equipped with a small and large hole) are used for suction of sebum after blackheads squeezing, to drain and eliminate toxins; the paddle venteuse is used to treat fine wrinkles; the 2 cups for body treatment (1 small and 1 large) are used to improve cell oxygenation. In sprayer mode, the spray bottle supplied is used to moisturize the skin and make it radiant.

The Brush System equipment, or mechanical peeling with brushes, is equipped with 3 brushes (small, medium and roller) in natural goat hair for exfoliating more sensitive areas; a brush with pumice stone to treat areas with hard, thickened skin; a brush with sponge for cleansing of more sensitive areas; a large brush with hard bristles for body peeling. This treatment is recommended for deep cleansing of the skin and before each application of cosmetic products, for a higher degree of absorption of active ingredients.

The Galvanic device uses a direct current to carry out two different types of treatment: desincrustation, i.e. deep cleansing of the skin using the supplied electrode holder handpiece and cylindrical electrode; micro-iontophoresis to convey the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin using the supplied pointed, roller and domed electrodes.