Decovap Steamers

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 28x21x64 cm
Net weight: 2 kg (vaporizer) + 4 kg (stand)
Water capacity: 750 ml
Fuses: 2 x 4 AT
Maximum consumption: 700 Watt

Decovap – Professional Steamer For Aesthetics

Decovap is a steamer equipped with a stand, consisting of a sturdy 5 casters base to ensure a greater stability and ease of transport and of a height-adjustable metal pole to be mounted in the base.

The Decovap top is available in two colors: pink (standard color) and silver (on request) to satisfy all the color matching demands of Beauty Institutes.

The steamer has a small size to facilitate its usage in very small cabins. In addition to its functional and practical features, Decovap is also very nice with its unique and elegant design, so much so that it is also considered as a piece of furniture.

Decovap is equipped with a rigid sloping arm which ends with the nozzle for the steam flow emission. The nozzle is adjustable with a rotation up to 180°.

It is possible to perform aromatherapy treatments thanks to the felt holder which is containing the felt pad. It is located inside the nozzle: with the application of few drops of essential oils, the steam treatment becomes more relaxing and with a greater feeling of well-being.

By means of the Ozone function, the UVC lamp, located inside the nozzle, is switched on and a more intense jet of steam is produced: it is consisting of purified air enriched with oxygen, with a purifying and a detoxifying effect.

The visible water tank, in plastic material and with 750ml fill capacity, indicates the MAX filling level which must not to be exceeded.

Decovap is also equipped with an electronic water level control which allows the device to switch itself off when the minimum water level is reached.