Centrifuge LC-04B Plus

●strong plastic case,small,light,Streamline molding,nice
●With mechanical door lock ,The door lid is closed, locked and protected, the cover open and will stop
●big viewing area,to view working situation
● accelerated speed increase gradually, The separation effect is obvious
●Pointer display speed,step less speed controller
●used for qualitative analysis of blood serum and plasma in hospitals and biochemical laboratorie

Model LC-04B Plus
Max. Speed 4000 RPM,stepless speed controller , Pointer display speed
Max RCF 2325xg
Time 0-30mins
capacity 20mlx12 (standard)
Power supply 110V 60Hz /220V50Hz
Dimension (mm) 320x340x280mm
G.W./N.W 9/8kg


Rotor  NO. Rotor Capacity Max RCF LC-04B Plus
A 042012 20mlx12 2325xg
A042008 20mlx8 2325xg *
A040518 5mlx18 2325xg *
A041012 10mlx12 2325xg *
A 042006 20mlx6 1790xg *
A 040812 8mlx12 2325xg