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picosecond laser series k650

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Q-Switched  ND-YAG  model, the equipment uses laser to emit high energy instantaneously which smashing the pigment of pathological tissues, namely the laser leading explosive effect: high energy emits instantaneously, making particular wavelength laser penetrating epidermis and getting into pathological pigment tissues in only 6nms. Then pigment expand in top speed and explode. The superficial epidermis would be bounded out of body;other part of the pigment would split into granules which would be engulfed by macrophages, then excule by the lymphatic system finally. The pigment becomes shallow gradually.

1) Removal tattoo, eyeliner,eye brow, removal black, red blue and all kinds of color pigment.
2) Removal dermis spot,fleck, black nevus, age pigment, birthmark and nevus of Ota.
3) The 1064nm wavelength mainly for black, blue, cyan pigment.
4) The 532nm wavelength mainly for red, coffee, brown pigment.
5) The 1320nm wavelength is for skin rejuvenation and white.

1) Truly portable, continent
2) New-development hand piece.
3) Infrared ray aiming.
4) Water-flow monitor.
5) Water flow and temp monitor, more safety
6) Plug and play function, more convenient.
7) CE&CE Medical approved, the production processes are according to ISO 13485,93/42/EEC standards.
8) Counter on the handle
9) High energy, have best effect