Portable Decolight Intence Pulsed Light

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 65x30x90 cm
Net weight: 35 Kg
Device cooling: water cooling
Maximum Fluence: 26 J/cm²
Spot size: 46 x 13 mm = 5,98 cm²
Fuse: 2 da 6,3 AT
Maximum power consumption: 1150 Watt
Pulse repetition rate: 1 Hz (one spot per second)

Portable Decolight – Professional Intense Pulsed Light For Aesthetics
Decolight DEC46P intense pulsed light is an excellent combination of portable and functional technology that allows an immediate and practical approach to a professional field in continuous evolution.

Decolight DEC46P Intense pulsed light is the portable version of DEC46 and is an electronic device which uses the intense pulsed light technology (IPL) aimed at aesthetic treatments of progressively permanent photo epilation.

The equipment satisfies the operators’ needs who are used to perform their activity in various beauty salons and are looking for a better manageability and ease of use device.

Decolight DEC46P intense pulsed light exploits the principles of the selective photo thermolysis by causing the thermal coagulation of the hair bulb.

As a matter of fact, during the Anagen growth phase, the hair leads the bright energy up to the hair bulb and coagulates it, by preventing it from its normal functioning.


The handle of Decolight DEC46P intense pulsed light is very practical and functional. It is equipped with an integrated cooling system for the skin and with a sensor for the automatic skin photo type identification.

The lamp of Decolight intense pulsed light is cooled with water cooling for a better work reliability.

The tablet is the user interface. It allows to easily manage the commands of the device even remotely. The operators are facilitated in selecting the treatment parameters by both visual and narrator assistances.

Fast and immediate software support with assistance remotely or, if necessary, with the replacement of the tablet.