Vapourel XP Steamers

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 42x26x64 cm
Net weight: 3 kg (vaporizer) + 4 kg (stand)
Fuses: 2 x 4 AT
Maximum consumption: 700 Watt

Vapourel XP – Professional Steamer for Aesthetics

This steamer is equipped with a height-adjustable stand and a sturdy 5 casters base to give it greater stability and make it easier to move the equipment.

The Vapourel XP has a rigid, inclined arm at the end of which is the steam nozzle, which can be adjusted by 180° to direct the flow in the desired direction. Inside the nozzle is the felt holder with the aromatherapy felt pad, onto which a few drops of the chosen essential oils can be poured, depending on the treatment to be carried out subsequently, in order to increase the feeling of well-being of the person being treated and at the same time to prepare the skin for the application of specific cosmetic products.

Thanks to the OZONE function, the steamer allows more intense steam to be released with a detoxifying and purifying effect. This is due to the activation of the UVC lamp located at the end of the device’s arm, which purifies the jet of steam, enriching it with oxygen.

The Vapourel XP vaporizer is equipped with an external glass container, made of plastic material, on which is indicated the MAX filling level not to be exceeded. The capacity of the container is 750ml; this ensures that several treatments can be carried out without annoying interruptions to refill the water.

The equipment is also equipped with an electronic minimum level control device that allows the vaporizer to switch itself off.