Combymix 4 XP Combined System

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 30x26x37,5 cm
Net Weight: 6,5 Kg
Fuses: 2 type 800 mAT
Maximum consumption: 50 Watt

Combymix 4 XP- Professional Combined System
The Combymix 4 XP combined system integrates different technologies such as high frequency, vacuum system, brush system and galvanic into a single unit.

The Combymix 4 XP combined system integrates, in a single device, different technologies such as high frequency (to treat and prevent acne, for oily and impure skin, to improve the absorption of products, to increase the production of collagen and elastin), vacuum system (with two working systems: suction/suction and sprayer/nebulization), brush system (i.e. mechanical peeling with brushes) and galvanic (which allows a dual working mode: desincrustation and micro iontophoresis).

The result is a multifunctional device of reduced dimensions, equipped with numerous accessories that are easily interchangeable.

The Combymix 4 XP device was created following countless requests from a particular group of operators in the sector who do not have large cabin spaces and need to concentrate several functions in a small space, in order to be able to offer a wide range of face/body treatments, thus satisfying even the most demanding customers.

Additional features:

A valid support and ally in the cabin, the Comby mix 4 XP has an accessory holder integrated into the top of the machine, with special compartments for safely storing accessories for the various functions.

The device’s software is intuitive and easy to manage when selecting the treatments to be carried out and setting the parameters.

The control panel located in the lower part of the device is equipped with LED indicators, thanks to which the connection of the handpieces and electrodes to the machine, specific for each function, is simple and fast: once the desired treatment has been selected, a LED automatically lights up in correspondence to the reference “output” for the installation of the accessory of the selected function.