Decofrequency Radiofrequency

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 30x26x37 cm
Net weight: 5,5 Kg
Maximum output power: 40 Watt
Fuses: 2 fuses type 2 AT
Power consumption: 110 Watt
Output Frequency: 1 Mhz

Decofrequency – professional bipolar radiofrequency for aesthetics
Decofrequency Bipolar Capacitive Radiofrequency enables to reduce the skin aging signs conveying a completely natural tightening effect to the skin.

Decofrequency is a bipolar capacitive radiofrequency suitable for specific antiaging treatments for face, décolleté, arms aimed at the wrinkles and skin laxity reduction.

Efficacious, visible and lasting results are visible since after the first session. The treated subjects can resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.

In aesthetic field, Radiofrequency technology represents the new method to tighten the skin in a non-invasive way and contemporary to get very similar results to surgical lifting.

The basic principle of radiofrequency is the transmission of electromagnetic waves at high frequency. Then, it exploits the thermal energy at high power that skin tissues produce once hit by the waves.

The induced heat stimulates the denaturation and contraction of collagen fibres, by generating a tightening and a compaction skin effect thanks to the production of new collagen.


Lightweight and easy to transport equipment.
2 Radiofrequency handles for the treatment of small and medium areas.
Ease of usage
Non-invasive, painless, safe and efficacious Radiofrequency treatments performing.