Multistation 4 Combined System

Please refer to the technical specifications of each individual machine of which the above combined system is composed, namely:


Multistation 4 – Professional Combined System

The Multistation 4 system integrates, in a single multifunctional system, various technologies in a minimum of space, to meet the needs of operators in the sector who do not have ample spaces in their cabs. The combo MULTISTATION 4 is mounted on a trolley with tray (JML15), equipped with a 4-wheel sturdy base that provides stability to the multifunctional system, even when moving around the institute.

Magnifying 5 diopters lamp (DEC34) with LED lighting, protected by a light breaking screen with flexible arm.

Decovap steamer (DEC24/A), positioned on the side arm of the trolley, allows to performs ozonated steam and aromatherapy treatments, with a 750ml water capacity and electronic water level control device, which allows the appliance to be turned off automatically. It is also available in silver.

Combymix 4 XP (DEC37), located on the side storage compartment, contains four technologies for performing face and body treatments, thanks to the presence of numerous easily interchangeable accessories.

The technologies are: High Frequency, Vacuum System, Brush System and Galvanic.

High Frequency, equipped with 6 glass electrodes which allow to carry out not only facial treatments but also body treatments, fully benefiting from the principles of High Frequency and their effects;

Vacuum System has a double working mode: suction (particularly suitable for facial cleansing in the phase following the blackheads squeezing, for the suction of impurities) and oxygenation of tissues through the use of n.5 glass accessories with which it is equipped (n.3 venteuses and n.2 body cups); nebulisation by means of the nebulizer/spray bottle supplied, which moisturises the skin and makes it brighter;

Brush system for gentle mechanical peeling of the face, body and sensitive skin thanks to 3 natural goat hair brushes, 1 large brush with bristles, 1 brush with pumice stone to reduce the thickness of thickened skin and 1 brush with sponge for cleansing very delicate areas.

Galvanic is equipped with two handpieces (operator handpiece and client electrode) and 4 steel electrodes to perform two types of treatment: desincrustation for deep cleansing of the subcutaneous tissue and micro-iontophoresis to convey the active ingredients contained in ionizable/hydro-soluble products into the dermis.